Severely impaired mobility - foot drop following hip surgery

"The clinic is well equipped, bright and spacious with a welcoming atmosphere. The staff combine a high degree of professionalism with warmth and courtesy so essential to the process of healing. From a feeling of insecurity and loss of confidence, i have been led gradually to a sense of greater independence. Great care has been taken to the levels of endurance are carefully monitored with gentle firmness. I am deeply grateful for the unweavering good humour and patience of the staff who have led me through the process with encouragement and hope. Thank you Ai Ni."

Madam Maria Aurora Couto


Total Knee Replacement

"Improved posture and general health. Better confidence in walking. Reduced my chances of falling. Friendly environment. Every session is very fruitful. Great place for the physical rehabilitation . Patient centred goal setting."

Madam Yim


Left shoulder impingement

"Ai Ni is very friendly and she makes sure we get the correct technique for all the exercises she teaches. I am confident I can practise the exercises at home. It was a pleasure for me to learn the physiotherapy exercises from her. I wish the centre all the best."

Madam Geetha Venkateswaran


Muscle weakness

"New and clean facilities and equipment . PT and OT to handle areas of my illness and recovery . Excellent Physiotherapist and staff . Good treatment regime and methodology."

Mr Daniel Vanniasingham

Had a bad ankle sprain, resulted in a torn ligament

"My physiotherapist Ai Ni helped me greatly in my recovery. Initially I came to her with a big swollen and painful ankle. Her treatment was very effective and now I can walk and exercise as per normal."

"My advice to all is: do not neglect physiotherapy if you need one. Go to United Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Centre. I'm sure it will make a great difference in your recovery."

Ms Jane Leow


Supraspinatus avulsion fracture & surgery

"They have been extremely supportive and encouraging during the entire physiotherapy program and fully understand the needs of the individual. I have fully recovered and have the full range of motions and am very grateful to Lau Ai Ni for making this possible. "

Ms Teh Li Lian

Project Administrator

Makoplastry ops

"Stretching and bending of the right knee was excellent, before that I could not bend at all. Total I did 6 sessions instead of 3 which was recommended by doctor. I personally feel it is really good to the extra 3 sessions."

Mr Ivan Chua Swee Khiang

Managing Director

Knee dislocation and avulsed fracture

"Helped me to make a better and faster recovery! Thank you for all the advice and help. The physiotherapists Sonya and Ai Ni are friendly and professional. :) "

Ms Xu Wanwei

Left collar bone fracture with nerve injury surgery done

"It was helpful with almost 80% improvement. Helped me in Activities of Daily Living (ADL), e.g. taking things. Everyone was very helpful and friendly."

Mr Loh Kim Huah

Eatery Business

Left hip fracture - ORIF

"No waiting time. Improved mobility and encouraged safe walking using AlterG Anti-Gravity treadmill which I liked most. Also many good equipment and friendly staff. Very good."

Madam Lim Kah Tiang


"Very friendly, detailed analyses, professional treatment, taught variety in exercises. Would recommend Ai Ni to my friends!"

Mr Dirk Probst


Hip injury

"Recovered fully and improved in ADL. Regained fitness.Felt stronger than before. More than happy to be serviced. Thank you to all the staffs who attended to me. Without them, I would not be able to gain back my confidence. They have guided me well!"

Mr Leong Yoon Fei


After surgery L-3 and L-4, numbness in both legs

"After therapy and stretching, I am able to move my hip and leg, and can shift myself to bed and bathroom. All the staff are very cooperative. The United Rehabilitation And Phsyiotherapy Centre is very good for handicapped/disabled persons. They have all the latest equipment in the centre."

Mr Salimul Haque Essa

Business Owner

Cardiac rehab

"Well-equipped rehab and physiotherapy centre. We experienced very homely atmosphere. Loving and caring staff. I lost a few kgs in less than 15 days. I feel good and healthy after weight loss programme. Love to do it again once we come back from Bangladesh."

Madam Humaira Salim


ACL Meniscus Tear

"The caring and patient physiotherapists made my recovery as swift and painless as possible. Their services are professional and their expertise is abundant. I am eternally thankful to Ai Ni and Sonya for their immense care and dedication. It was truly a pleasure."

Mr Thomas Tang


"Thank you to dearest Ms Ai Ni. Your therapy helps me to change a lot in my life and I make aspiration that may you and your members help everyone who needs help. Thank you."

Lama Tenphel Gyalstan

Post motorcycle accident rehab

"Increased my strength, stability and self-confidence. Very high level of professionalism combined with strong humanism. Suggest for anyone who needs help, nothing is more valuable than your life and health."

Dilsat Uygruglu


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